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About Us

We started our way as a small group of freelancers in 2015

Soon, we gained a reputation of a trustworthy people and expanded our activity.

2016 - Setting Up a Company

Good reputation wasn’t enough as a group of freelancers our position on the market wasn’t strong. We realized we need to set up a company, and move as a one wise group. 

2017 - We Created Piorkowski Agency

Working under the same roof was a test for us, and we managed to pass it brilliantly. 

2018 - We Expanded Our Services

We increased the amount of services we provide, and created connections with other firms. 

2019 - Our company name wasn't wise, so we changed it to Wisekom

Why? We were seen as wise individuals, with wide selection of skills. As freelancers we couldn’t move any further and we came up with a name Wisekom. A place where wise individuals meet wise businesses. 

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Marketing Campaigns
Websites Developed
Brands and Designs

Core Values

We stand for fair play and unique ideas

During our work we developed our approach to providing products and services, and the strategy of working with our clients.

We value every client and put major efforts to perform our work on the highest level.


What they say about us

They turned our social media upside down and brought the results. During the project, they showed excellent commitment. The results surprised my expectations. Thanks!

Stacey Pickering

I just needed a fresh view on my selling business. I didn’t see which steps I should have taken to increase my sales. Wisekom experts have made a detailed analysis and plan for my business and now I have two shops!

Mary Scott

Their consultancy service is great. I needed some help how to deal with Social Media and Campaigns as I am not a marketing expert. Wisekom made a great job and I will definitely come up to them again!

Mark Travis

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